Welcome to Red Sift

Welcome to the developer hub and documentation repository for Red Sift!

In this section you will find all the information you need to start creating your own Sifts. We know that the best libraries may be written in different languages so we have designed our platform from the ground up to support all the major ones.

In the Documentation section, you will find more detail regarding our infrastructure and how to install and use the Red Sift SDK. Additionally we have opened the code of the Sifts developed by us. You can install them from our catalogue, they have great examples of how Sifts work and how they connect to different data sources.

If you would like some ideas of great things to develop please have a look at our Red Sift Bounty Program and the Sift bounties we have available. We have some great prizes in store for the winners which include Red Sift goodie bags and an Amazon Echo.

You can also find more information about us and about our exciting journey in our blog here.

We hope you enjoy developing Sifts and if you have any questions or suggestions please drop us a line.

Happy Sifting!