Configuring slack access

A couple of additional steps but all in the name of security!

The SDK can help you build and troubleshoot the Slack Bot integration your Sift might have. Let's see how we can achieve that. Provided that you have a Slack account, you need to create a Slack App from here. Press the big green button you see below and follow the creation wizard.


After successfully creating a Slack App you should see a screen like the one below.


Two important pieces of information here Client ID and Client Secret. Keep the page open because we will need to come back to it.

It's time to address the warning you might be seeing saying "that a redirect URL is missing". Either click the link in the warning or head to the OAuth & Permissions link from the left side menu. Paste the following URI in the Redirect URL(s) field and click save.


Last thing in the configuration is to add a bot user, so click on the link Bot Users on the left and create a bot with the name you like. Here we created a bot user called testapp.


Next we need to start the SDK if it's not running already and navigate to the inputs menu from the left. You should be able to see your Slack inputs in a 'Disconnected' state, so go ahead and click on the green Configure Slack button. In the form that follows you will need the Client Secret we saw above when we created our Slack App. Head back to the Slack API page, navigate to the Basic Information tab, copy the Client Secret this time and come back to add it to the form and then click Save. You might have to paste the secret twice, for reasons explained in the notice bubble below. Immediately after the secret is saved and the modal menu goes away you should be able to see a Slack themed button.



Authentication and Client Secret

We will need to take you through the Authentication flow before saving your secrets. This is our way of connecting your secrets with your account. You can always hit the Reset button if there was error in the secret you provided.

When you click the Slack button you will see a pop up window with the OAuth flow of Slack, asking for your permission to connect the bot on your account.


Hurray! You are all set now!

PS. If you want to disconnect your account and start over just press the X next to the account name.


Releasing or running Sift in the Workshop

You will need to populate the _SLACK_CLIENT_ID and _SLACK_CLIENT_SECRET keys with the values that you used above in the secrets section of the SDK before being able to run your Sift in the Workshop or releasing it. For more info have a look here