Running a Sift

Change directory into the Sift and use the command line tool to start it, in this case without Docker.
This may take a little while on your first run.

cd example-sift
redsift run -nd

It should open Chrome on http://localhost:7438/ and you should be able to see your first Sift running. At this point it does not do anything clever yet, it just displays a few numbers. Next, let's give it access to your emails so it can start to do some clever stuff.


first view of the SDK with the email-sift template


Running with/without Docker

If you have docker installed then the SDK will use it by default. The -nd/--no-docker flag will let you run the Sift locally. However this flag is only useful if your server code is written in JavaScript only. To mix languages on the server you'll need to install Docker.

Running a Sift remotely?

The SDK assumes that you are running everything locally. For remote execution you will need to supply the -H flag with the remote host to your run command so we can configure everything correctly for you.

ssh [email protected]

cd example-sift
redsift run -H