In case the input for a given DAG node is a rpc request, the data for the given request will be a JSON object with the key being the rpc request id and the value the JSON object with the relevant data.

Request Object Details

remote_addrStringRemote address of request.
methodStringHTTP verb of request
request_uriStringURI of request
headerString:[String]HTTP headers of request
bodyStringBody of the request in a base64 encoded format

Response Object Details

For a rpc response to match a given request, the key of that request needs to be used as key in the output of the node and the value field needs to be an object with fields, like the following.

status_codeNumberStatus Code of the response
headerString:[String]HTTP response headers. This structure allows for multiple instances of the same header. e.g. "Origin":["", ""]
bodyStringBody of the response in a base64 encoded format