The Sift folder

This is a description of the various files and folders you will find in your Sift folder.

frontend/This is where the presentation magic happens. This code will run on the various Redsift clients you interact with, i.e: Chrome extension, Redsift Cloud, ... and contains the controllers and view callbacks for the various interfaces.
server/This is where the data magic happens and the code for your DAG nodes lives. It also contains a package.json file to define the dependencies for the Javascript nodes as per the Node.js paradigm.
sift.jsonThis is the Sift descriptor. It contains attributes of your Sift as well as the frontend entry points and the definition of your DAG.
email_creds.jsonThis is where you can configure your email client credentials to give the SDK access to your emails.
sdk_tmp/This folder will be generated once you run your sift for the first time. You can think of it as a history folder. The directories inside it represent a different version of a DAG you tried to compute and each directory contains related input data for your DAG. e.g. the subset of emails for the filter you defined in that version of your DAG.

We'll go into more details about these next.