Collaboration and Publishing

Building things and seeing them work is very rewarding and makes you feel great. Being able to collaborate or share your work with others is even better!

Finding and installing Sifts follows the Github paradigm. You can work with your peers on a Sift the same way you would in a regular coding project with a repository on Github. The only requirements a repo needs to meet, in order to be considered a Sift on our backend, is for you to have access to it and that a valid sift.json file exists at the top level of the repo. If our backend can find it that means you can install it and get it to process your data.

A bit more info on how access is being determined:

  • Private repos that you are the owner of or are given access to (and forks).
  • Public repos that you own (and forks).

It’s also a great conversation starter: “What does your Sift do?”



Redsift reserves the right to audit your Sifts if requested to do so and blacklist the service and/or you as the responsible developer from the platform if found in breach of our terms and conditions. You can find our acceptable use policy here.